Clear + Brilliant: The best rejuvenating facial treatment for men.

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When it comes to our skin, we put a lot of trust in products and professionals to help us do all we can to fight the signs of aging. We all want to hang on to that youthful look and feel as long as we can. Which is exactly why The Men’s Grooming Salon has incorporated to its range on non-surgical treatments the Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment.
Clear + Brilliant is a revolutionary, gentle – laser treatment, clinically proven to fight the effects of aging skin in men and women.

Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment is based on advanced technology, but getting Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment treatments is simple. All treatments begin with a consultation with Doctor Jeremy Cumpston or/and Skincare therapist and Cosmetologist Mr. Christian Acuña licensed skincare professionals to see if Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment is right for you – and to pinpoint some of the key trouble spots it can help address. From there, we can recommend you a Clear + Brilliant treatment regimen that’s perfect for you.

This revolutionary laser treatment is Powerful, Yet Gentle, New Treatment. A lot of work goes into keeping you looking like you – lotions and creams, trainers and stylists – all focused on keeping you looking your best. Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment is a powerful treatment you can add to your regimen to make it a little easier to keep your skin looking its youthful best. Offered exclusively through licensed skincare professionals, The Men’s Grooming Salon’s Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment is proven to help improve tone, texture and pore size. You’ll see and feel the difference, smoothing skin that will make you look and feel great.

What can you expect from Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment:
• Is safe, non-surgical and non-invasive
• Is a gentle, revolutionary treatment that fights the natural effects aging has on skin
• Helps improve tone and texture and gives skin a radiant, youthful glow
• Creates a more even skin canvas, with reduction in the appearance of pores
• Is a perfect complement to individual beauty and lifestyle regimens

Simple, Effective, Affordable Preventive Treatments
With this type of laser you can keep your skin looking its youthful best with simple and easy Clear + Brilliant treatments.
What Can Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment Do for You?
If you’re battling the effects aging can have on your skin, Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment can help. With simple, gentle laser treatments provided by our in house doctor Jeremy Cumpston licensed skincare professional, you can help prevent the visible signs of aging and the overall dulling effects time and the environment can have on your skin.

The laser treatment takes about One 10 to 20-minute and with the first session of Clear + Brilliant your skin feels smoother, younger and give you that “radiant glow” that comes from healthy, youthful skin. Multiple treatments deliver lasting results that can keep you looking younger for years to come. Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment is simple yet effective. An easy treatment to add to your routine, much like the way you plan for a facial. In fact, after this laser treatment all your facial treatments at The Men’s Grooming Salon will be much more effective and all your skincare will penetrate deeper and more effective in the dermis.

Anyone can benefit from Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment. However, if you are seeking a dramatic correction, there are alternative options such as Fraxel or Thermage that may be a better fit. But if you don’t need much correction, have always taken the basic steps to keep your skin looking its best, and you like the way you look now, Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment can help keep your skin looking its youthful, radiant best.

Indications that Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment may be right for you:
• You already have or plan to begin a skin care regimen to help protect against the natural and environmental effects of aging.
• You like the way your skin looks today, and want to keep that fresh, youthful look for years to come.
• You have a regular, consistent approach to skincare and are looking to boost your results.
• You don’t have the time or desire for more invasive procedures like cosmetic surgery or aggressive rejuvenation treatments.

Though results may vary, clinical studies show noticeable reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. Patients also frequently report “younger looking skin” and a “radiant glow” after treatment. Clinical studies highlights include:
• Visibly illuminated skin tone.
• Renewed, ultra-soft and smoother texture.
• Naturally radiant and glowing skin.
• Improved tone, texture and radiance.
• Reduction in the appearance of pores.

A Typical Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment:
• Requires about 30 minutes for a complete session.
• May involve application of topical numbing cream to your face prior to treatment in order to provide additional comfort.
• Is delivered by your skincare professional, who will gently guide the Clear + Brilliant handpiece across the target area and actively treat your skin for approximately 15 minutes
• Utilises the patented Intelligent Optical Tracking System (IOTS™) to ensure your skincare professional maintains proper contact with your skin and provides a uniform application to all treated areas. Meaning that one area wont be treated more than others, the entire face will be uniformly treated.
• A potent and highly concentrated serum packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins, botanical extracts, marine collagen, and other patented and highly effective ingredients is also part of this pack so you can apply it on your skin several times a day for about 3 days to nourishing your skin deeper and more effective than you have ever done before.

Now, What is Laser Resurfacing?

Laser Resurfacing is directing short, concentrated pulsating beams of laser light energy into the two outermost layers of skin epidermis (upper layer) and dermis (lower layer). Laser skin resurfacing involves stimulating the dermis (bottom layer) of skin to produce collagen and elastin as well as causing turn over of the skin so that the outer dead layer of skin (epidermis) is shed. This results in the removal of pigment that is trapped between the epidermis and dermis- (also known as melanin). The end result is skin that has a fresher look with more vital appearance.

At The Men’s Grooming Salon, we use Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment, which is like a milder version of Fraxel to restore dual treatment which is the accepted gold standard for non-ablating fractional resurfacing. We chose Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment as it is effective, safe and predictable; the laser delivers dramatic results for all skin types, on and off the face – with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

You may wonder why do you need Laser Resurfacing?
If you want to turn back the clock on your skin no matter what your age, or color of skin, with minimal discomfort, Clear + Brilliant Laser Resurfacing is for you. Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment together with Fraxel restore dual treatment is the latest scientific breakthrough in skin rejuvenation.

The Men’s Grooming Salon is the first clinic in Australia to use both Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment and Fraxel re:store dual treatment to treat men’s skin exclusively in late 2012 and since then, we have subjectively experienced both Clear + Brilliant and Fraxel to be highly effective for men over 40 who want to revamp their skin to a younger looking skin.

How does Clear + Brilliant Laser Resurfacing work?

Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment repairs damaged skin by treating only a small fraction of skin at a time, leaving the area surrounded by unaffected, healthy tissue. This “fractional” treatment allows the skin to heal much faster than if the entire area were treated at once, using the body’s natural healing process to create new, healthy, tighter tissue to replace skin imperfections.

The new Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing skin treatment technology we use for laser resurfacing at The Men’s Grooming Salon effectively targets the skin surface for smoother, fresher looking skin with less downtime than comparable ablative treatments such carbon dioxide laser.

What is the next step?

Speak to us at The Men’s Grooming Salon for further details on the treatments or to book your Clear + Brilliant laser surfacing session. You can contact us on 1300 856 577 or email us at

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